How Glowforge Made Crowdfunding History

September 24, 2019

On February 12th, 2016 Y-Combinator published an interview with the co-founder of Glowforge.

"When I think about what is likely to break future crowdfunding records, I think of products with mass-market consumer appeal: Smartwatches, cocktail coolers, revivals of popular 80’s TV shows.

So when Glowforge launched a next-generation laser cutter at MakerCon New York back in September 2015, I eagerly pledged to get one myself — but I certainly never expected it to make much of a splash beyond the niche of early adopting makers. If it raised a few million dollars, I thought, that would have been a huge success.

To my surprise, Glowforge set a new crowdfunding record, hitting $27.9 million in 30 days. It was a truly outstanding campaign.

To find out how they did it, I interviewed Glowforge’s co-founder Tony Wright, who previously cofounded Rescue Time (YC W08) and TomoGuides (YC S12.) He shared some great step-by-step details about how they created the most successful crowdfunding campaign in history."

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