The Campaign That Made Crowdfunding History


Client: Glowforge

Focus: Product Launch Video, Creative Direction, Design, Illustrations, Technical Strategy, Animatics, Production, Post-Production

Background: Dan, the CEO of Glowforge, approached us while he was in a difficult position. He needed a team that could execute an incredibly complex video, from ideation to delivery, in exactly 8 weeks.

Challenge: Up until this point, laser cutters had been classified as “industrial”, and weren’t very approachable. Glowforge was the first easy-to-use intuitive laser cutter and Dan wanted to target a mass market. The product itself, a 3D laser printer that can print using organic materials, is much smaller than traditional laser cutters, and infinitely more user friendly. However, we still had to reverse common conceptions about laser cutting, as well as convince an educated audience that a $2500 laser cutter could bring out the creator in anyone.

Our Approach: We focused a large amount of our efforts on portraying relatable people using a range of organic and recycled materials to make incredible, high quality items. Things that they could decorate with, things that they could sell, even things they could eat! The idea of taking something ordinary and creating an unbelievable product at the push of a button -- was the goal. The wow factor produced by how we chose to present the final assembled products (made by Glowforge) was one of our biggest success’. During in-house focus testing we saw saw that amateur and professional makers alike identified with the idea of creating complex products. This was especially true of fathers, once they saw what they could create with their kids. Everyone wants to create something, and we proved that people are willing to adopt laser printing in their homes to satisfy this innate urge.

In the end, we met our goals and exceeded Glowforge’s expectations. Most importantly we aided in creating the largest crowdfunding campaign of it’s time, and that’s always the goal. Glowforge raised over $27 million in it’s first 30 days. Our video was used as a primary avenue of communication at launch, for paid and unpaid advertising.

"We had a world-class video made by Mikhail.. Dan and I spent hundreds of hours agonizing over the script. In the editing phase of the video, we tested half a dozen variants against videos from successful consumer hardware videos, with some pretty surprising results. Eventually, we landed on an edit that tested better than videos from other $10+ million campaigns."

- Tony Wright, Co-founder @ Glowforge

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Director / Cinematographer: George Mikhail

Producer: Xan Aranda

Editor: Josh Blake

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