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Client: Instacart

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Illustrations, Technical Strategy, Frontend Development, Backend Development


As Instacart was figuring out how they wanted to run their advertising spends, they approached three different content agencies for testing and comparables. They decided to run a 3 week trial with the three agencies.


Instacart was looking for acquisitions at the lowest price without sacrificing their brand. They needed an upgrade from their previous agency who couldn’t create on-brand performance content.

Our Approach:

After studying the company and the performance of their previously run ads, we learned that friendly female models and boomerang animations were resonating with their audience. Based on our hypothesis, we saw an opportunity to home-in on the delivery experience and to test copy including CTA’s. Our initial hypothesis was reiterated upon and remained successful. After seeing the original boomerang with original copy achieve 1st place in round 1 and 2, we believed that we arrived at the local maxima for best-performing creative that could be achieved within the scope and budget…  so we got a bit more creative with copy to, once again, attempt to outperform ourselves.  The hypothesis was that if we presented value propositions using text as an overlay, it might have a meaningful impact on CTR and conversion rate. We remained the top performer in round three with the lowest Cost Per Acquisition and highest purchase count.

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