Client: SeatGeek

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Illustrations, Technical Strategy, Performance Marketing Content, Learnings + Applied Iteration

SeatGeek is a leading player in online event ticket sales; everything you need on event day in your pocket.

We came highly recommended to SeatGeek, who at the time was looking to experiment with the creative of their performance marketing assets. At first our main goal was to gather data on their customer behaviors by running ad sets that covered a broad range of product offerings. SeatGeek wanted to prove which features were trending and to anticipate the increase or decrease of their spend according to their audiences’ interests. Our initial tests gave them these answers and allowed us to better target the creative direction of our ongoing content.

Our Approach: We began by doing a low cost video shoot where we tasked ourselves to capture the full breadth of their App offerings in order to create a robust media library. The library included various storylines that were photographed in a way that allows for maximum flexibility in post-production. Sometimes performance can be affected by the quality or authenticity of a specific format, so we captured cinema quality content using a professional RED camera, as well as 'authentic' footage using the latest iPhone camera. We framed for all digital, social media, broadcast, and  pre-roll aspect ratios, including 16x9 (wide), 1x1 (square), 4x5 (portrait), and 9x16 (vertical).

Our Learnings:

  • When people watch beyond 3 seconds and learn about the offering, they are significantly more likely to convert. 
  • Simple direct messaging is more likely to convert.

Implementation of learnings:

  • We capitalized on these initial learnings and
  • Once we have their attention, our goal is to keep and convert using direct response methods. 

Month one was for building assets and to begin testing theories. When month two rolled around, we took our learnings from the previous month and built upon that. Several months later, we are a current strategic video partner and continue to displace underperforming content.

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Director: Andrew Ruse

Creative Director: George Mikhail

Producer: Adam Veleiras

Editors: Bryan Wriggle, George Mikhail

Project Management: Melissa Masquelier

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