Spinn Coffee

A Coffee Computer In Your Home


Client: Spinn

Focus: Creative Development, emphasis on maximizing content across multiple platforms

Background:  Roderick de Rode, the CEO needed to enter a crowded market with a bang!

Challenge: The automated coffee machine space is oversaturated with household names. Spinn’s goal is simple, a better coffee experience; one that produces less waste, no pods, more choice, and whole beans ground per brew, making the taste - bar none. 

Our Approach: We needed to set Spinn miles apart from the competition right from the start. Our first hook was... “Your search for the perfect cup is over, this is Spinn - the key to the best coffee..” 

First, we unfolded the idea of the connected coffee machine, the long sought after luxury of making coffee from bed right when you wake up. That particular idea and imagery proved to test the best before we started production. We then unpacked the idea that spinn is the pinnacle of ‘green’ because there are no wasteful pods. Finally we focused on taste and variety. Spinn provides many kinds of coffees from one machine - a coffee computer, that produces coffee the way the roster intends and the consumer desires. In the end we summed it up with ‘This is the World’s Finest Cup’ 

We did rounds of testing using script and animatics early on, before we shot a thing. We then built out the best possible approach,  executed the shots that filled out our scope of needs for current rounds of testing, and in post, continued experimenting with different variations of testing. The results of the testing  influenced not only the technical specs of the video, but also influenced the order in which the use cases were presented. 

We focused on optimizing for the mass market in the earlier frames of the video

"Mikhail helped us overachieve our conversion objectives by delivering a high quality video with a massive impact with our customers & investors".

- Roderick De Rode, CEO @Spinn

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Director: George Mikhail

Producer: Anna Halberg

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