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Since 2012, Mikhail Agency has been collaborating with world-leading brands and emerging startups. The Tile Product Launch Video was our first viral hit, making it to the front page of  "reddit/videos" Since that day we have been able to work with tons of amazing comapnies from early stage startups to fortune 500s.

Why Mikhail?

"Hiring Mikhail Agency was the best strategic move I made, they were able to achieve consistent 4x ROAs immediately. They delivered a brand new video, content, a photoshoot, and a multi-channel ad campaign in matter of 7 days."

Bob Messerschmidt
Former Director of Platform
Architecture at Apple.

“Mikhail overdelivered from day 1, starting with our product launch video and continuing as they grew into our performance marketing agency.”

Roderick De Rode
Co-Founder & CEO, Spinn Inc.

“We had a world-class video made by Mikhail Productions... In the editing phase of the video, we tested half a dozen variants against videos from successful consumer hardware videos, with some pretty surprising results. Eventually, we landed on an edit that tested better than videos from other $10+ million campaigns”

Tony Wright
Co-Founder, Glowforge

Our Leadership

Creative Director
Head of Marketing
Kathy Sue
Head of Production

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