Groceries in 1 Hour
When Instacart approached us, looking to explore new ways of developing and executing content for their in-house marketing efforts, we took on an aggressive timeline and budget, while delivering the highest performing ad in all of their KPI's.

As Instacart was figuring out how they wanted to run their advertising spends, they approached us for testing and comparables.


Instacart was looking for acquisitions at the lowest price, without sacrificing their brand.

Our Approach:

After studying the company and the performance of their previous ads, based on our hypothesis, we saw an opportunity to home-in on the delivery experience and to test copy including CTA’s. We wrote, developed and produced a plethora of content with two main Target audiences in mind, The Busy Parent & The Solo Millennial

The content ranged from UGC boomerangs to polished bite-sized stories.

After testing dozens of variants over several weeks,  we arrived at the local maxima for best-performing creative that could be achieved within the scope and budget. We continued with instacart and were tasked at introducing new varients in copy to once again, attempt to outperform ourselves. The hypothesis was that if we presented value propositions using text as an overlay, it might have a meaningful impact on CTR and conversion rate. Our original creative remained the top performer in round three with the lowest Cost Per Acquisition and highest purchase count.


Short Videos Work Best

  • We found that on average (with some exceptions), the shorter the video, the better it performed from a cost per activation standpoint.

Realistic Videos Were Key

  • When comparing content, we found that videos shot using realistic photography and talent (actors), had stronger  performance.

Real Customers Help the Viewer Identify

  • Since the main channel is Social, viewers have become keen to the ways of advertisers, and prefer real content vs overly produced video, and so having ‘real’ customers in the video helped the viewer become immersed. We saw that creative authenticity and performance were directly correlated.

Real Interaction w/ Grocery Aisle Products Increases CTR

  • We found that there was a significant increase in CTR when the viewer saw footage of items being taken from the aisle.

Calling Out Retailers Only Works In Certain Geographies

  • We observed that consumers in some geographies portrayed stronger brand loyalty with respect to retailers (i.e. Publix), while consumers in  other geographies resonated better with choice of retailer.

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Groceries in 1 Hour

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