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When Roderick De Rode first approached us with his prototype for Spinn, he wanted to know if we would help build one of the largest coffee communities, aimed at competing directly with legacy coffee brands. Needless to say, we perked up for the challenge.

In 2016, Spinn flew into our office from their Amsterdam HQ to meet with our key players. Shortly after our meeting, we were hired as their creative agency of record, tasked to help create a groundbreaking product launch campaign.

The company was at its infancy, the brand - nonexistent.  Subsequently, we were the main player in defining the initial iteration of the content and messaging.

The first 8 weeks of the engagement were the most demanding.  We strived for perfection. Countless hours were spent scripting and iterating during creative development. We finally landed on a plan that tested better than most campaigns at the time. - a story that would be shared by Press, Bloggers, through Social Media and of course by the target Spinn customer.

Our rigorous work payed off immensely. Spinn amassed over $10 million dollars in pre-orders. This wildly successful campaign made headlines and got the attention of veteran investors and coffee lovers alike.

We continue to partner with Spinn on many marketing endeavors ranging from Video and Photo Content to Performance Marketing/Media Buying on Google and Facebook.

How we helped
Creative Strategy
Creative Direction
Video Production
Product Photography
Content Creation
Search Engine and Performance Marketing

“Mikhail Agency was a critical part of our successful launch. They took the time to understand our product and overdelivered on their KPI's”

Roderick De Rode
Co-Founder & CEO, Spinn, Inc.
Awake The Future

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